Sunday, April 19, 2020

What is the Difference Between an Autobiography and a Memoir - The Writers For Hire

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND A MEMOIR? What is the Difference Between an Autobiography and a Memoir? Autobiography and memoir: two terms that seem to be constantly confused and used interchangeably. While the confusion between the two is definitely understandable, there are a few differences that can help you identify whether it is a memoir you are writing, or if it is actually an autobiography. Autobiography : An autobiography is generally a personal narrative that tells the story of the author’s life. An autobiography: Is usually written chronologically Details the author’s entire life (up until present day) Focuses mainly on presenting facts and history Is more formal and informational Is a collection of facts Can be written in either first or third person Memoir : Like an autobiography, a memoir is also a personal narrative about the author’s life. A memoir, however, generally focuses on a specific window of time within the author’s life. A memoir: Can be written chronologically, but frequently hops around through different periods of time Is less formal and more conversational Is written more from the perspective of the author, and less from a factual perspective Is a collection of memories (with facts intertwined) Is written in first person